Corvid Currant

photo 1black-currant-nutrition-label

This ornery Corvid chooses his own flight path and he suffers no fools.  His strong flavours collide to keep the weaker types at a wingspan: ruddy Juniper undertones carry the bold, tart black currant aloft.

Best enjoyed with a very earthy cracker and a soft goat cheese. Or on your breakfast yogurt with a little seedy granola.

Ingredients: Black currants, lemon juice, sugar, juniper berries, pectin, vitamin C



4 thoughts on “Corvid Currant

    • Hello Tamara!

      Thanks for being in touch. I am quite sure that Nineteen Ten Home on Main street, Edible Canada on granville Island, East Cafe on Hastings at Nanaimo and Glenburn Soda in the Heights in Burnaby have this flavour. I hope one of those locations will be convenient for you! I suggest giving a quick cal ahead so as to avoid disappointment.

      Many thanks for your interest in this flavour and East Van Jam!


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