Sir Pear of Islay – coming soon!


Always gallant and full of surprises, this Scotsman knows how to please.  He can charm the grumpiest of folks with his outlandish tales about the mysterious beasts of the sea and the strange birds that visit his home isle of Islay. An Island best-known for its fine single malt scotch, Sir Pear makes great claims of relations to the earliest distillers of the craft.  With a dram always at arms’ reach, this cordial lad is ready for a story or two if you have a mind to listen.  Sidle up close and pay no mind to the tallness of the tales, but enjoy the heart with which they are told!

**We dare you to enjoy this bold jelly on toast, but better yet, swipe it across a fresh cheese scone and you’ll be willing to suspend your disbelief of any story!

Ingredients: Stewed juice made from Okanagan pears, lime juice, sugar, single malt Islay Scotch, ascorbic acid.


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